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[VIDEOS] BuzzFeed & Hyundai Kill the Internet, Overwork Employees, & Tease Drivers

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Buzzfeed video with Hyundai Tucson kill the internet

BuzzFeed is everywhere.

No matter where you look–from your social media news feed to the latest Chevy ads–the website run and read by nostalgic twentysomethings eager to identify with broad hipster stereotypes has saturated the internet. And now, with the help of automaker Hyundai, it has killed the internet.

But only temporarily…in a specific location…completely on purpose.

Confused yet? Check out these three new videos from BuzzFeed Presents made in association with Hyundai Motors to promote the 2016 Tucson.

BuzzFeed Video: What Happens When There’s No Internet

Two devious pranksters set up shop in a Hyundai Tucson parked outside a busy coffeshop. Their plan is to spy on people as they shut off the Wi-Fi in the café, recording their reactions.

After responding with shock and annoyance—as anyone relying on the internet to work would—the coffee-drinking customers begin talking to each other. With some prompting from a barista, the crowd begins playing games like Charades and jump rope. Even after the internet is back up, they prefer the interaction of singing songs and sharing stories.

The participating customers express in an interview how the lack of internet made them feel like kids again—because, obviously, technology is what makes us adults.

The video briefly mentions the Tucson’s hands-free opening rear hatch.Next-Button

BuzzFeed Video: People Try Working For 24 Hours

Americans work more hours each week than other nations around the world do, including Japan. But how healthy is it to stay late at work? BuzzFeed tests this–or, rather, has a laugh at the expense of its employees–by keeping half a dozen workers busy for 24 hours straight. The video intends to evaluate the impact of stress and sleep deprivation on work performance, but little actual examination is done.

Throughout the night, workers participate in art competitions, dance sessions, and general office tomfoolery. The workers suffer from exhaustion, confusion, and irritability–apart from one lucky employee who gets to leave in a Hyundai Tucson at the end of the normal workday.

This video echoes Hyundai’s popular “Grand Exit” TV commercial that suggests leaving work on time—rather than working overtime—is true courage.


BuzzFeed Video: Couples Imitate Each Other Driving

Everyone has criticisms about their spouse, including their driving habits. Have you ever voiced those irritations? The three couples in this BuzzFeed video do.

While driving in a Hyundai Tucson, we get to hear the couples bicker about parallel parking, slow speeds, singing in the car, and not paying attention behind the wheel. However, in the end the couples concede that despite critiquing each others’ driving habits, being in the car together is still a memorable experience that brings them closer together.Previous-Button