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[VIDEOS] Look at All These White Dummies in the Hyundai Tucson Commercials

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Hyundai Tucson Commercial Safety Town

Welcome to Hyundai Test Town.

This white-and-blue facility is home to a community of white dummies subjected to testing the latest safety technology from Hyundai. Caricatures of our overly tech-dependent, digitally-distracted society, these pale white and oft-nude crash dummies endure a series of mishaps for humanity’s sake.

Check out the four new 2016 Hyundai Tuscon commercials set in Hyundai Test Town below. Believe us, they’re a lot more entertaining than going to Children’s Safety Town.

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Ever wonder what a tailgate party full of dummies would look like–we’re talking about crash test dummies, not the real life ones you see outside football stadiums. Despite not having stomachs or wearing clothes, these devotees still gather in public to chow down on game day grub–according to “Save Your Tailgate.” Thanks to the Tucson’s hands-free smart liftgate, loading trays and coolers is a cinch. Just be careful not to catch on fire.

Hyundai Tucson Commercial Safety Town tail gate party

In another segment, “Smartphone Zombies,” a careful driver is saved from a rear-end collision with an SUV piloted by a bunch of dummies too distracted by their tablets to watch where they’re going. Luckily for the Tucson’s emergency braking, no one ends up injured…or spills their coffee.

Hyundai Tucson Commercial Safety Town dummy family

Over on Beach Blvd, a distracted female driver slows down and checks out a hot surfer walking by (who resembles every other crash dummy apart from its blonde wig blowing in the wing). Because of the irresistibility¬†of this fellow, the driver–oblivious to where she’s headed–nearly leaves her lane. Luckily, the Tucson’s Lane Departure Warning keeps the SUV in its lane–even when confronted with a hunky piece of rubber man candy.

Hyundai Tucson Commercial Safety Town beach surfer dummy

Our favorite commercial is easily “Bling Spot Remover.” We have to confess, it’s rewarding to see a bowtie-clad, mustache-touting hipster with a selfie stick on a Segway get hit by a car. Because of his inability to stop taking pictures of himself–and the nearby vehicle’s lack of a rear parking sensor (which monitors movement and signals a warning)–he winds up on the ground.

Hyundai Tucson Commercial Safety Town hipster dummy

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For a preview of these commercials, check out the montage video below: