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Volkswagen Debuts the I.D. Concept

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Volkswagen I.D. Concept Car

We’ve been talking about Volkswagen’s shift from diesel fuel to biofuel to electric for a while now, but this week we were finally shown what VW is thinking when it comes to the future of green technology. The latest Volkswagen concept car, called simply the I.D., was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show and is meant to mark a dawn of a new era for VW.

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The brand says that the I.D. is only the first of many electric cars to come from Volkswagen, and that its EVs will all have the same “design DNA” to make them easily identifiable. In the presentation, the VW spokesman emphasized that this car also might only look as big as a VW Golf on the exterior, but on the inside it is as large as the more expensive Passat. We can tell that the concept’s headlights, which seem to just be a vague LED outline around a small light cluster, won’t make it into production intact, but the overall shape of the car seems to be something that could easily translate into a car for the masses.

The VW I.D. will be powered by an electric motor with an output of 125 kW, and will have a range between 400-600 kilometers on one charge. Not only is the car electric, but it’s also autonomous, with a steering wheel that folds into the dashboard when not needed by the driver. It’s the first vehicle based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB), and will supposedly be sold by 2020 alongside the VW Golf.

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A quirky extra of this car is that it can basically operate like a giant mailbox. While not detailed in the VW press release, it can supposedly “receive parcels using a new delivery service, if the owner is not at home.” We’re not going to lie, we really hope that VW elaborates on that feature soon, because there has to be a lot of logistics to make a feature like that function securely.

If you want to see the reveal in Paris for yourself, check out these highlights from YouCar.