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Volkswagen “Eyes on the Road” Video Drives Message Home

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An unsuspecting audience gathers for "Eyes on the Road."

An unsuspecting audience gathers for Volkswagen’s “Eyes on the Road.”

We’ve all seen texting and driving ads by now. Some of us choose to ignore the ads as much as we ignore the message of the ad when we’re on the road, and this is tragic. Lives are lost every day because of texting while driving. In fact, a recent New Safe Kids Worldwide study showed that the leading cause of teenage death is motor vehicle crashes. One of the big culprits behind these fatalities is texting.

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Perhaps just as fed up with this totally avoidable tragedy, Volkswagen put out the video below called “Eyes on the Road.” In “Eyes on the Road,” residents of Hong Kong enter a cinema, armed with their cellular devices, and have no idea what kind of experience they are about to have.

Eyes on the Road

All of the moviegoers on their phones

I don’t want to give any more away, so just watch “Eyes on the Road” below, and be prepared for some chills.

“Eyes on the Road”

The News Wheel Video no longer available broken link embed


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