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Volvo Roam Delivery Service Sounds Amazing

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Roam delivery

In the 21st century, you can get just about anything brought to you almost immediately. If Jeff Bezos has his way, you’ll be able to order the Firefly Blu-Ray and get it delivered to your front porch within a matter of minutes by way of a helicopter drone. Volvo is looking to get in on the act by making its vehicles an easy spot for pickup and delivery with the Roam delivery service.

According to Volvo Cars CIO Klas Bendrik, a customer using Roam delivery would place an order through an online store and choose his or her Volvo as the port for delivery. The online store’s delivery vehicle will then be able to drop off groceries or whatever was ordered directly to the vehicle’s boot via a digital key. After the delivery has been made, a confirmation message will be sent to the customer.

Roam delivery

“What we see today is that the car becomes connected, the customer becomes connected, that actually means that the car is part of the digital ecosystem and is integrated in the network society,” Bendrik told CNN. “And that has the opportunity to add additional services, connected services, to us as a society and also to us owners of the vehicle. And this is an area where we can see a rapid change within the automotive industry.”

According to Volvo, 92% of all customers involved in the Roam delivery pilot program found that having items delivered directly to their cars was more convenient than waiting to have packages delivered to their homes.

Roam delivery

Whether Roam delivery is integrated into future production models remains to be seen, but given Volvo’s recent proclivities toward innovation with regards to safety and efficiency, we wouldn’t be terribly surprised.