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Volvo Unveils New S90 Excellence Trim

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Volvo S90 Excellence

The Volvo S90 Excellence trim

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Swedish automaker Volvo has recently announced some new updates for their premium S90 sedan, including a new Excellence trim. The redesigned sedan news comes just before Volvo’s first public appearance at the 2016 Guangzhou Motor Show in China, the country in which the vehicle will be produced.

As the most premium car that’s ever been made in China, the S90 will be exported globally out of Volvo’s production facility in Daqing. This is not surprising at all, considering Volvo’s attempt to take over the auto world. Håkan Samuelsson (President and CEO of Volvo Car Group) expressed, “China will play an increasingly important part in our global manufacturing ambitions.” As the first Western automaker to export a premium vehicle out of China, Volvo will surely reach their goal of 800,000 cars sold per year by 2020.

Volvo S90 Excellence interior

Sit back and relax or scoot up to the mobile workstation

Now, let’s cover the changes on the new S90. The most noticeable change in the Excellence trim of the Volvo S90 is the absence of a front passenger seat. Instead, there is a Lounge Console which provides the chauffeured elite with foldout worktables and a large display touch screen. To round out the high-class experience, the S90 Excellence offers a bevy of additional features like a full panoramic roof, heated and cooled cup holder, an adjustable footrest, and handmade crystal glasses from Swedish glassmaker Orrefors for all of your fanciest drinks.

Volvo S90 Excellence interior

Don’t forget to utilize those handcrafted crystal glasses!

Other notable features (aside from the remarkably lush interior) include Large Animal Detection (think moose), Pilot Assist, CleanZone air quality system, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability.

Production of the S90 Excellence will begin next year but we’ll most likely hear about it very frequently leading up to the eventual release.

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