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Volvo V90 Makes Debut as Swedish Police Vehicle

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Volvo V90 Swedish Police Vehicle

Volvo V90 Swedish Police Vehicle

If you’ve ever wondered how certain models are chosen to become police cars, then sit back and get ready to learn about how Sweden does it. Over in the Scandinavian country, there are high expectations for police vehicles. From the durability of the vehicle to how stylish and comfortable it is, the chosen one must pass every test.

For the actual driving test, there are five main areas of concern for potential police vehicles: braking, an obstacle course, evasive action with braking, evasive action without braking, and high-speed emergency driving. If a vehicle passes with an acceptable rating, then they are considered to be used. Previous vehicles used by the Swedish police include the Volkswagen Passat, BMW 5 Series, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class 250 CDI wagon.

Volkswagen Passat Wagon Swedish Police

The Volkswagen Passat wagon was a Swedish police favorite back in the day
Photo: Volkswagen Sweden

The Volvo V90 was recently tested for contention and scored 9.2 out of 10, which is the highest rating any vehicle has ever achieved during the test. Following its success, Swedish police will begin using the vehicles, starting in the early part of 2017. It wasn’t a difficult decision for the Swedes to choose the Volvo V90, stating that “overall, it is difficult to find any faults at all. Chassis, steering, suspension, traction control and powertrain all show exemplary performance. Quick lane changes at high speeds feel almost deceptively easy, the car does what it is told to do and shakes off lateral forces without any protest.”

This isn’t the first time a Volvo vehicle has been used by the Swedish police. Since 1929, the police in the European country protected citizens behind the wheel of Volvos. And in recent years, the XC70 and V70 have been used. It shouldn’t be too long until other countries catch on and select Volvo vehicles for their police forces too!