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Vote for the Most Creative Design in Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge

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Ford and MAKE magazine are teaming up and asking for your help in determining which of 10 creative designs should be brought to life as a Ford Transit Connect Wagon in their Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge.

Voting is already underway and will run through 11:59 PST December 12; by visiting the Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge contest website, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite among the ten designs submitted by creative minds from around the world.  Using the 2014 Ford Transit Connect as a template, the visionaries constructed a budget and were given guidelines in which to work while constructing that which they feel best encapsulated the term “ultimate.”

Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge

|2013 Ford Transit Connect Features and Specs |

“Meeting an unmet need is key to making,” said Mike Senese, executive editor of MAKE magazine, in Ford’s official press release.  “The Ford Transit Connect Challenge is a great platform for our community to showcase their imagination and DIY skills.

“The versatility of Transit Connect opens up nearly limitless configuration options and uses,” he added, “and its uniqueness fits perfectly with the diverse interests of the members of the maker movement.”

Once all the votes are tallied, the grand prize winner will receive $10,000; the runner-up earns a $2,500 prize.

Among the innovative designs, some of our favorites include:

  • Michael Newman’s Video Sans-Video Game, which uses computer numeric control to navigate across hand-drawn levels that can be played on a four-foot wide by two-and-a-half-foot tall “screen” and includes customizable vehicle graphics (via dry-erase board exterior) and 3D workbench.

    • The Game of Drones team’s LandLab, which is an all-terrain, modular base-station built on the Ford Transit Connect platform for use in disasters and emergencies and for scientific research and off-grid homesteading.  The LandLab expands upon reaching its destination and unveils a number of self-contained pods, giving the LandLab the appearance of a kind of “moonbase.”  Features include living quarters for up to three people, aquaculture (food, water, energy production, airlock, and bio-lab).

  • Mike and Pat Murray’s Urban Photography Response Vehicle, which acts as a mobile base of operations for photographers and filmmakers.  A built in workstation enables professionals and hobbyists alike to get right to work on editing and sharing their work; abundant storage and easy access makes it easier for individuals and crews alike to load and unload heavy equipment; and a number of ready-to-use mounts and work lights make the Urban Photography Response vehicle necessary for aspiring artists and creatives.  What’s more, the UPRV is a camera unto itself.

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Whatever your preferred design, vote in the Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge before December 12 and help one of these amazing creations come to life.  While your creative juices are flowing, let us know what your ultimate vehicle would be able to do!