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Vote for Team Nissan in the Red Bull Flugtag

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Learning to Fly Nissan Flugtag TeamThis weekend gliders from all corners of the map are converging on the Cumberland River for Red Bull Flugtag Nashville. Running September 22nd and 23rd, homemade flying machines will take off from a 30-foot high deck and float in the sky or crash into the water. The machines are then judged to determine a winner. Red Bull has been holding flugtag events, which means “flying day” in German, for 25 years, with the first one taking place in Vienna in 1992.

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Take a look at this video from the Red Bull Flugtag in Boston to understand what these events are like.

Because the event is taking place in its US hometown, Nissan North America has designed a glider to compete in the flugtag. The team calls itself Take On Flight, and it has been preparing to basically fall with panache since July. Engineers from Nissan’s Smyrna facility tested materials and designs before settling for a minimalist white glider with red accents. In the past, competitors seem to have fallen either into the group that wants the glider to fly well or the group that just wants to make a fun vehicle. For example, before the event it was said that Team Smashville, representing the Nashville Predators hockey team, would simply be a Zamboni vehicle with wings that clearly won’t fly very far.

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Each entry to Red Bull Flugtag Nashville is judged on three criteria: showmanship, the creativity of the design, and how far it flies. If you want to help boost the score of the Take on Flight team, use the #VoteTakeOnFlight and #RedBullFlugtag hashtags on a public Twitter or Instagram account. Voting started today and ends when the last flugtag hits the water tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. We wish the Nissan team well!

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