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VW Dominates 2016 Auto Market (So Far)

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We’re about ready to finish the sixth month of 2016, but sales numbers from around the world have just now finished coming in for May. The results are sure to put a smile on the face of Volkswagen’s management, because the auto group is officially the world’s largest automaker for the first part of the year.

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These results have been a long time coming because second place manufacturer, Toyota, still had to report its global manufacturing and sales information. The figures show that Toyota is lagging more than 100,000 vehicles behind VW, reporting a year-over-year sales loss of .2%. VW, on the other hand, has seen a .6% sales gain.

Both manufacturers are in the midst of fairly large scandals, but they still managed to handily beat third place finisher General Motors. VW’s advantage over Toyota lies in Asia and Europe. VW has a powerful presence in China, where Toyota has not done as well. VW also has very good sales in Europe, its home turf.

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Forbes is very confident that VW will maintain the sales lead for the rest of the year. While VW’s sales in the US have dropped 6.2% in recent months, our country only makes up 5% of VW’s total business. It was also noted by Forbes that most of the downturn in US sales has been purely from the diesel vehicles being removed from dealership lots. Many customers still trust the brand for its bedrock principle of quality and longevity.

Maybe if VW continues to beat Toyota, the Japanese automaker will make some more fun cars like those in its now-defunct Scion brand instead of continuing on with beige boxes that are reliable but boring.

News Source: Forbes