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VW Plug-in Hybrid Golf GTE Sport Concept Takes On LA

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Plug-in Hybrid VW Golf GTE Sport

If you’re a fan of futuristic vehicles, take a look at the VW Golf GTE Sport Concept that just rolled out at the LA Auto Show. This is the first time that the concept has been on display in North America, and is a look into the future of the VW model lineup, especially in regards to plug-in hybrids.

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Once upon a time, being a plug-in hybrid was enough to stand out at an auto show. Now they are fairly easy to find on the dealership lots of America, which means that any hybrid launch needs to step up its game. The VW Golf GTE Sport Concept has answered the challenge well, as this car is truly futuristic. The styling of both the exterior and interior is straight out of a science fiction film, with a lightweight carbon fiber body, gullwing doors, and driving controls on the headliner. A steering wheel more reminiscent of an airplane than a car is used to guide the car around the track, and the vehicle has several drive modes that allow the driver to choose if they would like to ride along in pure battery-powered silence or use their 1.6-liter TSI gasoline engine.


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Some more design features in the concept car include transparent instrument displays, five-point seat belts, and a display for passengers to know current speed and other facts about the VW Golf GTE Sport Concept’s drive. It will be fun to see which features will make their way to a production VW vehicle. VW currently offers two electric vehicles – the Jetta Hybrid and the e-Golf – so hopefully this concept signals that a plug-in hybrid will be here soon.

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