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VW Turns to Electric Cars with Next Generation Phaeton

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VW Phaeton

Volkswagen has announced this week that it will begin to focus on electric cars, including hybrid and plug-in EVs, in its future production plans for eco-friendly vehicles. Currently, VW offers a hybrid Jetta and an all-electric Golf on sale in America.

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The next model to receive the electric treatment from VW will be the next-generation VW Phaeton. The Phaeton is a large luxury sedan that is currently on sale worldwide, except in the US (we have an extra entry-level Audi instead). The move to make the Phaeton electric will set it up to be the new flagship vehicle of the brand.

According to Volkswagen, the new Phaeton’s all-electric drivetrain will focus on long-distance driving and the connected apps that new vehicle buyers are looking for. The announcement also indicated that when the Phaeton is ready to roll out, it could be equipped with a new generation of driver assistance systems, and it will feature a new exterior design.

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It has not been announced if the Phaeton will come to America with its new electric drivetrain, or if America will be offered the same technology on a different vehicle. If the goal is to make the Phaeton a new flagship model, it’s possible that it will be reintroduced to our market.