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VW Working To Make Automatic Parking A Reality

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V-Charge VW 2

V-Charge VW with illustrated sensors on the move in a parking garage

Let’s be honest, parking can be an absolute nightmare. If your destination is busy, you have to scour row upon row for somewhere to park the car. If you’re unlucky, you have to squeeze the car into a spot that may be so small you have to shimmy out of the door. Electric car drivers have the added complication of finding a spot that lets them charge their batteries.  Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about all that, without the cost of tipping a valet?

Volkswagen is ready to answer your prayers. The automaker has recently announced that it is developing a system in Europe, V-Charge, for its cars. When drivers arrive at their destination, they exit the car and use an app on their phones to command the car to park itself. This means that a car can find a space, without worrying if there is enough room for a passenger to get out. Then when you leave, drivers use the same app to summon the vehicle to them.

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Electric car drivers can also tell their vehicle to park at a charger, and how much they would like the battery to charge. The EV can park itself just like gasoline cars, but the charger will also connect to the batteries. When charging is complete, the car will leave the charging spot so that it is free for another EV. That makes it so much easier for EV drivers to get the charge they need without hogging the charger the entire time they are away from their cars.

V-Charge Cameras and sensors VW

Sensors and cameras used by V-Charge

V-Charge uses cameras and sensors already in use in the auto industry, so the system would be fairly affordable. It also doesn’t use GPS, so the cars can still park themselves in underground garages with poor reception. Of course, it can sense pedestrians, cars, and other obstacles so that your vehicle doesn’t get into an accident on the way to a parking spot.

Would you use a car that could park itself?

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