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VW’s Darth Vader Undergoes Surgery

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Tiny VW Darth Vader

We all remember that amazing VW commercial during 2011’s big game. A pint-sized Darth Vader stalks the halls of his home, attempting to use the Force to move objects in his house. Finally, the Star Wars villain is able to start his family’s Volkswagen Passat, thanks to some remote start use by his dad.

You know you want to rewatch it.  We’ll wait.

Tiny Darth Vader was never revealed in the commercial, but he was played by Max Page. He was born with a congenital heart defect, and when he became a celebrity following his big commercial, he used it to his advantage. Page became an advocate for sick kids around the country, speaking at events for St. Jude and other children’s hospitals.

On Tuesday, Page went to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for his 11th heart operation. This one was for a new pacemaker to be installed.  A little over a month ago, he had another operation to replace a heart valve he had replaced in 2012. He has since returned home and is resting comfortably.

When the VW advert aired in 2011, Max wasn’t quite old enough to see the Star Wars films. No word from his family if he has finally watched the real Darth Vader in action.

The News Wheel wishes Max Page all the best, and hopes he has a speedy recovery.

Source: NBC News