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Want a Gift Card from GM? The Deadline Has Been Pushed Back.

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Last week, we found out that GM is going to offer $25 gift cards to drivers who own vehicles affected by the ignition switch recall, who take their cars in to be fixed, free of charge, by December 1st. Yes, that’s right: your car might kill you, but it’s only worth getting the free fix if you get an Applebee’s gift card from GM.

Get an Applebee's gift card from GM for getting your car repaired--on GM's dime.

Get an Applebee’s gift card from GM for getting your car repaired–on GM’s dime.

Apparently, dealerships got a little nervous following the announcement, worried that there would suddenly be a massive influx of customers wanting their gift cards—oh, and their cars fixed too, you know, if they have the time or whatever. To allow for a steadier flow of repair work at these dealerships, General Motors has extended the deadline to January 1st.

That’s right, drivers now have even longer to trek about in their dangerous vehicles, but they can still be rewarded for it. Makes sense.

What isn’t quite clear yet is if the responsible owners, who took their cars in as soon as possible, will receive gift cards for being proactive. Or maybe their reward was just the knowledge that they weren’t going to die. Though, that doesn’t seem to be enough for most people.

News Source: GM Authority