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Warren Stamping Plant Receives Bronze Status in World Class Manufacturing

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Chrysler Group’s Warren Stamping Plant in Warren, Michigan, has just been awarded bronze status for implementing World Class Manufacturing (WCM). This is the first stamping plant from Chrysler Group to achieve this status, though the group has six other facilities in North America that have reached this milestone.

Warren Stamping Plant

The Warren Stamping Plant received bronze status in World Class Manufacturing.

WCM is meant to reduce waste, boost productivity, and enhance quality and safety. Warren Stamping Plant began implementing the WCM operating system four years ago, though the plant has been around for 65 years. The bronze designation is awarded when a facility achieves at least 50 points in “10 technical and 10 managerial pillars.”

“The employees at Warren Stamping are to be commended for their commitment to implementing World Class Manufacturing and taking an active role in supporting the plant’s goal of achieving bronze,” said Brian Harlow, the Vice President and Head of NAFTA Manufacturing at Chrysler Group. “Employee involvement is vital to the success of WCM, so having our UAW partners at both the local and international level fully engaged in this effort has been critical in making Chrysler Group’s manufacturing facilities among the best in the world.”

Five of the other six Chrysler Group WCM facilities also have bronze designations: Dundee Engine Plant, Indiana Transmission Plant II (awarded the bronze on October 29th, the day before the two-day audit at Warren Stamping Plant), Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant, Toledo Assembly Complex, and Trenton Engine Complex. One facility, the Windsor Assembly Plant, originally attained bronze status but has since moved up to silver.