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Watch Anthony Davis Drift into Savings in a Dodge Challenger

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Anthony Davis Dodge Challenger

Anthony Davis drifts into savings with the Dodge Challenger

When it comes to endorsements, some NBA players like to turn themselves into a talking baby like Damian Lillard. Others want to entertain you and help you get into the zone like Blake Griffin. Then there’s Anthony Davis, who really just wants to look fly while going to file his tax returns.

And that’s exactly what he does in his first commercial. During a recent interview, Davis discussed how difficult it is to pay taxes as an NBA player. Lucky for him, he’s got an endorsement deal with H&R Block.

In his most recent commercial for the financial institution, the New Orleans Pelicans’ superstar drifts into H&R Block—quite literally. As Davis sits in the passenger seat, his accountant drives an intimidating black 2016 Dodge Challenger into a drift that is set to background music that wouldn’t be amiss in an inspirational sport movie.

As the camera pans onto Davis’s face, we see his determination to “drift into savings” at the financial institution—and he’s dressed to play the part. When he unfolds his 6’10 frame from the Challenger, we see his signature bow-tie style and fashionable plaid button up. Finally, his look is topped off by that glorious unibrow.

You really didn’t think we’d mention Anthony Davis without referring to his unibrow, did you?

It’s likely we’ll see even more of Davis in the future as he appears in more H&R Block commercials throughout the year. You can watch him drift into savings below.

VIDEO: Anthony Davis Drifts into Savings