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[Watch]’s Take on Honest Car Commercials

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If Car Commercials Were Honest has long been a wonderful resource for people on the Internet seeking out LOLZ. Chances are pretty good that you won’t be able to access their wonderful website if you work in a stifling corporate environment, but you might be able to check out the following video via YouTube:

Video: If Car Commercials Were Honest from

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Featuring a de-badged 2015 Ford Mustang GT, this commercial features a pretty nuanced and spot-on breakdown of the car-buying process that stars Roger, your average everyday dealership owner proxy. If you think that the entire spot is a near-three-minute breakdown of why muscle cars are deemed to be compensation for certain other deficiencies, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. That’s because this particular brand of joke isn’t made until the last possible moment.

Roger reminds you that you’re going to eventually have to buy a new car, probably from a guy not terribly unlike him. You can choose from a car “powered by exploding dinosaurs or one powered by lightning,” but in either case, you’ll need to come speak with him to get it.

Then you can exit the dealership in your “enclosed chair” with the confidence of knowing that “we made a guy who sort of looks like you out materials you’re not made of and practiced beating the hell out of him a bunch of times.”

It’s definitely good for a laugh, so check it out.

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