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[WATCH] Eight Mustangs Celebrate 50 Years of Fun

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50 Years of Fun

2014 was a banner year for the Ford Mustang, from the wave of excitement carried over from the 2015 Mustang’s December 2013 unveiling to the 50th anniversary festivities in April to the reveal of the 2016 Shelby GT350 to the late-year launch of the sixth-gen ‘Stang.

To reinforce the ongoing significance of the Mustang and show off the power and beauty of six generations of pony car perfection, Ford tapped Andrew Laputka and Ryan Tuerck—the men behind Off Seasons and Off Seasons 2—to create “50 Years of Fun,” which rolls out 8 beautiful Mustangs for a whole bunch of stunt driving.

[WATCH] 50 Years of Fun

To pull off such deft driving, some of Formula Drift’s most prolific stars were required: Vaughn Gittin, Jr. (the man behind the 2015 Mustang RTR), Ryan Tuerck, and 2014 champion. Chris Forsberg.

50 Years of Fun


Watch it, love it, watch it again, and love it some more. Then, so that you can get a greater appreciation for the skills required to make 50 Years of Fun happen, watch this 10-minute making-of video:

Then, when you’re done doing that, check out Off Seasons. So pretty.

Off Seasons

Off Seasons 2