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[WATCH] Jeep Escapes Tow Truck in Viral Video

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Jeep Escapes Tow Truck in Viral Video

Jeep escapes tow truck in viral video

Let’s be honest: nobody likes tow trucks. Finding out your car has been towed—even if you parked like a total toolbag—can ruin your entire day and take a good chunk of change out of your wallet. At best, tow trucks are a necessary evil (kind of like traffic cops) that keep our roads operating properly.

Still, it’s hard not to cheer for the Jeep driver in the viral video below, even though he probably illegally parked at the Walgreens from which he was towed.

In this video, you can see that the tow truck has hooked up the Jeep (though not very well) and towed it a few blocks before stopping. At no point does it seem that the tow truck driver has noticed that there is a driver still inside the Jeep, hollering for the tow truck to stop. When the tow truck comes to a halt, the Jeep driver seizes the opportunity to floor it and, miraculously, the SUV comes unhitched from the tow truck and speeds off down the road.

Nobody is certain how the driver of the Jeep managed to pull this off, nor how the tow truck driver hooked up the Jeep without noticing that it was occupied. The only thing we know for certain is this: if you’re parked in a Walgreens somewhere in Chicago, you should fear for your life; the towers are coming for you.

News Source: CBS Chicago