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[Watch] Ken Block and Raj Nair Steal the Show in Episode 1 of Rebirth of an Icon

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Raj Nair and Ken Block

If the decision were ever made to reboot The Odd Couple and give higher-ups at Ford the ability to decide who plays the parts of Felix and Oscar, then we would nominate Ford Product Development Chief Raj Nair and Gymkhana star Ken Block for the roles. They’ve got a pretty natural, easy, and surprising chemistry, which is on display in the first part of Ford’s eight-part “Rebirth of an Icon” documentary series.

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Rebirth of an Icon chronicles the development and testing behind the 2016 Ford Focus RS, Ford Performance’s 350-horsepower hot hatch that is finally making its way to the United States next year. In the first installment, Block and Nair meet at a test facility to take a look at a Focus RS prototype.

After a bunch of technical talk, a capsule recap of some of the famous RS-badged cars of yesteryear, and some interesting banter about vehicle camouflaging and spy photographers, Raj and Ken take the Focus RS mule for a spin. There, in that little hatchback, magic is made.

Check it out below, and stop back next week for the second installment in the series.

Rebirth of an Icon – Episode 1: Project Kick-Off Feat. Ken Block and Raj Nair

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