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[WATCH] Ken Block Hoons the Focus RS Prototype through Ford’s Cologne Plant

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Focus RS

This morning, Ford pulled the covers off of the 2016 Ford Focus RS, hopefully in effect putting an end to the seemingly endless rash of spam-blogs from MotoringCrunch wondering uselessly whether Ford would be putting this particular model “in the bin.” (Just kidding! They’ll probably post the same blog filled with nonsense words another six or seven times in the next four days or so.)


Presumably, this was written by a human being

One of the more exciting aspects of the Focus RS reveal was the presence of Ken Block. Not only did we find out that Ford brought Block in as a consultant as they built the Focus RS, but he also drove one of the test mules out onto the stage in a fashion similar to what one would expect from Ken Block: hooooooon.

Ford Focus RS hooning

Prior to that, the audience was treated to a video of Block hooning that same prototype Focus RS through Ford’s Cologne manufacturing plant. Now, we treat you to that same video:

Mild spoilers: it’s a thing of beauty. Watch it and enjoy.