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[WATCH] NASCAR Practice Stops For Rabbit Tomfoolery

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NASCAR Rabbit on the Track

Run rabbit, run!

NASCAR is no stranger to incidents that liven up their left-turn-only races. For example, drivers throw helmets at cars after they crash, winners run out of gas in the middle of a victory burnout, races are seriously named the “SpongeBob SquarePants 400”, and one driver routinely back flips off of his car if he wins.


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But on Thursday, practice for the Camping World Truck Series came to a halt because of something outside of those usual antics. A rabbit got out on the oval, and a team of highly trained NASCAR professionals was sent to remove it safely from the track.

And by that, we mean they chased after it with a bucket.

That already sounds pretty funny, but you need to see the footage from Fox Sports. They gave Bunny Chase 2K15 the same attention we would expect for any other race, complete with instant replay and sarcastic comments. The only thing that could have made it better is if the Benny Hill theme was playing as a soundtrack.

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As Jalopnik points out, any good Monty Python fan should have known not to underestimate a harmless little bunny. They’re lucky that no one was attached by such a viscous beast!

Monty Python Rabbit

NEVER underestimate a rabbit!
Photo: ©Python (Monty) Pictures

We’re happy to say that the rabbit managed to escape the track through pit road unscathed by a fast-moving NASCAR stock truck, and he actually managed to cross the finish line while evading his captors. That deserves a trip to Victory Lane!

Source: Jalopnik