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[WATCH] New Ford Teaser Video Could Hint at 2016 Mustang GT350

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So here’s something that could be on par with the Age of Ultron trailer leak from a few weeks back. Well, at least on par if you hold the potential revelation of the 2016 Mustang GT350 in the same regard as, say, The Avengers.

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Ford posted the above early this morning as part one in a series of five videos that will take accord of the history of Ford Performance. There’s a fair amount of talking heads, a lot of grainy footage from glory days gone by, considerably less grainy footage of Ford Racing performances from the more recent past, and then this:

Ford Teaser Video

Set to the soundtrack of a powerful engine idling, this shot—along with preceding images of a grille, pedals, and an engine block shot in equally stark high-shadow black-and-white—suggests that Ford is bringing something big and bad to the LA Auto Show on November 17. That, or Ford has put Zack Snyder in charge of shooting its teaser footage.

Gallery:  New Ford Teaser Video Could Hint at 2016 Mustang GT350

Early money says that this is the first taste of the 2016 Ford Mustang GT350. All you need to do is check out the font for some confirmation of these suspicions. Yeah, that’s the rocker panel type face.

New Ford Teaser Video

Keep your eyes peeled on this space over the next two weeks, as we can only assume that Ford will be releasing the additional four parts of this video series and—hopefully—some better looks at the mystery model that we suspect to be the new GT350.

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