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[WATCH] New Tacoma Commercials Make Truck Driving Fun

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To celebrate the availability of the all-new 2016 Tacoma, Toyota is releasing a slew of new commercials designed to appeal to drivers who are looking for a practical yet fun-to-drive vehicle that can handle the heat both on- and off-road. The campaign includes three commercials (two in English and one in Spanish) each showcasing the talents of the new mid-size truck. Watch the commercials—Countdown, Blow Off Steam, and The Fun Games—below.


The aptly-named “Countdown” commercial counts down (geddit?) 60 seconds in which the Tacoma does various things alongside professional motocross riders doing their things. The narrator counts down, spouting off random facts that coincide with the numbers he’s reciting (40… degrees… the average temperature of lakes above 10,000 feet). It’s… interesting.


Blow Off Steam

In “Blow Off Steam,” the Tacoma appears to be on the set of an action movie, with explosions and stunt drivers doing crazy things all around. The premise is that the Tacoma will allow you to “blow off steam” (again… geddit?) by taking your truck off-road with a bunch of your buddies and doing fearless things.


The Fun Games

This commercial is in Spanish, and asks the question, “When was the last time you went to play?” (thanks, Google Translate). The games take place “somewhere in California” with three competing teams in three new Tacomas and one rule: the winner is not the strongest or most resistant team, but the team who has the most fun. The judge is not a human, but a wristband that measures emotional responses in real-time, awarding points as and when participants are having fun. On the other hand, stress could lose them points. Who will win? Only one way to find out.


Robert Piehl is the General Manager of Carver Toyota in Taylorsville, IN, which serves the greater Indianapolis areas including Columbus, Bloomington, Greenwood, Franklin, Seymour, and Brownstown.