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Watch the Livestream of Opel’s Crossland X World Premiere

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Opel Crossland X

Opel on Monday will debut the all-new Crossland X crossover at “Kraftwerk” in Berlin. No, that is not Kraftwerk, the legendary electronic/synthpop/krautrock act from Düsseldorf that broke new ground in 1974 with the release of Autobahn. That’s “Kraftwerk,” located at Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin, a super trendy hangout known for “its raw urban flair” that makes it the ideal setting “for events with that little bit X-tra.” Good to see Opel hasn’t let off the “X” puns!

Anyway, you don’t actually have to be there, because Opel is livestreaming the whole thing on YouTube. So, hey, if you want to watch that, you totally can.

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“We are already No. 1 in the SUV-B segment with the Mokka X. As our second with the X-factor, the new Crossland X will further increase the success for the brand and excite many new customers,” said Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “An innovative trendsetter, the Crossland X is also an important part of our big product offensive, which will gain further impetus from the soon-to-be-launched Grandland X.”

Opel Crossland X

“Our new crossover is stylish, versatile, and well-connected. With its modern two-tone design; numerous innovations; and features such as OnStar, the ‘round-the-clock personal emergency assistant, or the 180-degree panorama rear view camera, the Crossland X knows no limits. It represents quality of life and is sure to be a huge success, especially among us girls,” said Tina Müller.

Oh, and this is also the same vernissage where Opel is going to be revealing its stupid Grumpy Cat calendar, so if you love outdated internet memes, there’s even more incentive to tune in. If you are a person with sense who does not care for Grumpy Cat, maybe just switch over to a different tab and listen to “Showroom Dummies” or “Geiger Counter.”

The livestream, which you will find below, kicks off proper at 19:30 CET (1:30 pm Eastern Time) on Monday:

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