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[WATCH] Tiny Kitten Saved from Near Death by Motorcyclist

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motorcyclist rescues kitten

The motorcyclist scoops the terrified kitten from the middle of the busy intersection

You know the drill; you’re rushing to get to work, you’re stuck at the longest red light ever, and you’re cussing out the traffic gods for making you late. Then, something in the middle of the intersection catches your eye. At first, you think it’s a leaf, but then you notice it moving and realize it’s a tiny kitten. Happens all the time, right?

It sounds ridiculous, but one motorcyclist risked her life to save a stranded kitten she noticed drop out from underneath a passing car as she waited patiently at a traffic light. The woman was wearing a camera and was able to capture the entire unbelievable scene on video. After the kitten fell out from the underside of the car, it took the motorcyclist a minute or so to realize what it was (initially she thought it was a leaf). As soon as she realized, she pulled her bike into the middle of the intersection, scooped up the cat, and took him to safety.

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The motorcyclist, known simply as E511 on YouTube and Your_Brain_On_Pizza on Reddit, took the kitten home and named him Skidmark. Skids’ rescuer tried to contact the owner of the red car from which the kitten fell, but was unsuccessful. It’s possible that the kitten was a stray and crawled into the car’s engine for warmth, and that the driver never realized he was there. But luckily for Skids, his rescuer and her husband decided to take him in and give him a well-deserved forever home.

skidmark the kitten

Skidmark safe in his new forever home

Skids now has his own YouTube channel, which after only a week already has four additional videos of the cute kitten doing cute kitten things… like pouncing on hands and sleeping.

As the weather gets cooler, it’s important to remember that kittens and other small critters might seek warmth by snoozing in your car engine. Make sure you check for critters before starting your car to avoid situations like Skidmark’s—another cat might not be as lucky.

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News Source: Reddit via Jalopnik

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