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[WATCH] Toyota “First Games” Commercial

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Toyota football commercial Camry


Sportsmastime is well and truly upon us. Football is here, soccer (the *other* football) is in full swing, and the baseball World Series is drawing ever-closer. Following the debut of Toyota’s “Anthem” commercial, the automaker recently released another commercial showing that its vehicles are perfect for fans of all the different sports (but mostly football).

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The new commercial is titled “First Games” and follows a woman’s journey from childhood through motherhood as a mega-fan of her favorite football team. Along for the ride are a variety of Toyota vehicles—from ’80s sedans to a new Camry. The commercial is designed to tug at the heartstrings of parents, sports fans, or just average Joes, and it succeeds—although the jury is still out on whether or not it’ll actually make sports fans want to buy all the Camrys.

The commercial is the latest in Toyota’s new campaign which will run throughout football season, likely culminating in a super-awesome ad during Super Bowl 50 next February. The automaker and its advertising agency will have a lot of work to do if they want to top last year’s Super Bowl commercial, which featured Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy along her remarkable journey while driving a Camry.

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