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We Should All be More Like this Kid from Detroit, and Less Like Jared Padalecki

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Jared Padalecki and Super Ewan were both part of Chevrolet's #DayItForward Leap Day campaign, but who wore it better?

On Leap Day 2016, Chevrolet came up with a novel idea (well, novel to anyone who has never seen the movie Pay It Forward). It was a social media campaign called #DayItForward, and it encouraged people to use the extra 24 hours provided by Leap Day to do something kind for someone else.

It was a beautiful proposal that, if put into practice by everyone, could have turned this cruel planet into a utopia, if only for one day. But like all attempts at world peace, it proved unsuccessful. Why? Because of Jared Padalecki, star of The CW’s Supernatural and history’s greatest monster.

While other celebrities volunteered at charities or at least gave their long-suffering personal assistants the day off as part of #DayItForward, Jared simply chose to hang out at a guitar shop with his good friend Matt. And then he had the nerve to classify his casual bro-chilling as an “act of kindness.” Disgusting.

Going to a guitar shop with your friend is a fun activity, but it is no great moment of selfless altruism, and certainly not worthy of the #DayItForward hashtag. Using that hashtag, as Padalecki did, cheapened its meaning and revealed a cynical disregard for the sanctity of Leap Day.

But I’ve since uncovered another #DayItForward video—one which has restored my faith in humanity. It’s called “A Hero For The Homeless,” and it stars a young boy living in Detroit who enjoys dressing up as the superhero “Super Ewan” and providing meals for homeless people.

Take a look, and see if it softens your heart as it did mine:

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Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here today to tell you that we should all be more like this kid Super Ewan, and less like Jared Padalecki.

Super Ewan is the angel on your shoulder, encouraging you to do something meaningful for those less fortunate out of the goodness of your own heart. Meanwhile, Jared Padalecki is the devil on your other shoulder, telling you to forsake the real problems plaguing our world in favor of hanging out with your friend and starring in a terrible House of Wax remake with Paris Hilton.

So Supernatural fangirls and fanboys, I beg of you—stop deifying Jared Padalecki with tweets, instagram photos, and tumblr posts, and instead devote your online activities to someone who truly represents the best that our society has to offer: this kid from Detroit.

Padalecki does not need your internet praise, anymore than he needs to be wearing a scarf and wool cap in a guitar shop that clearly has central heating. So please forget this Supernatural star and embrace this Super Ewan star. For Super Ewan is not the hero that social media deserves, but the one it needs.

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  • Patrick GrieveContributor

    Patrick Grieve was born in Southwestern Ohio and has lived there all of his life, with the exception of a few years spent getting a Creative Writing degree in Southeastern Ohio. He loves to take road trips, sometimes to places as distant as Northeastern or even Northwestern Ohio. Patrick also enjoys old movies, shopping at thrift stores, going to ballgames, writing about those things, and watching Law & Order reruns. He just watches the original series, though, none of the spin-offs. And also only the ones they made before Jerry Orbach died. Season five was really the peak, in his opinion. See more articles by Patrick.

  • Dakota60

    Oh I get it…you hate Jared. Well I’ll bet Super Ewan would be so proud.

  • Melissa Jehnings

    He does more than #DayItForward. He is working to help the mentally ill reduce stigma and get help through his #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign. He’s raised over $750,000 through t-shirt shirt sales which has benefited To Write Love On Her Arms, Attitudes in Reverse and other mental health groups that focus on those who struggle. Get a little knowledge about him before you call him a monster.

  • sirald66

    Patrick Grieve, you will become a better person.

  • Joey B

    Wow, dude, you have some serious damage. I have to wonder what Jared has ever done to you personally to deserve this kind of treatment because you sure do seem to have a lot of vitriol for the man for some reason.

    Even though it’s been pointed out to you that in his everyday life he and his Always Keep Fighting initiative has actually saved lives via suicide prevention and mental health awareness, you remain fixated on how he chose to spend one day of his life in an ad for Chevrolet. How sad.

    Yes, Ewan is an amazing person and should be emulated. But guess what? So is Jared. Shame on you for trying to turn this into some sort of competition just so your site can get a few more hits. You should try to learn from both of their examples.

    • Davie426

      Something tells me you’ve never heard of an extended joke…

  • Bailey

    Good job dude. You took one comment out of context and used it to bash on someone who probably does more charity work than you do. As to what Jared wrote, were you there with him? What if that friend of his was depressed or had a really bad day? In my opinion, spending a little extra time with a friend, rather than writing a piece bashing someone, really is an act of kindness. And “history’s greatest monster?” Really? Is he on the same level as Hitler and other murderers? Reading this article, it is so obvious that you hate Jared. How does that make you any better than the monster you claim that Jared is? You could have just wrote an article about this amazing kid, but instead you decided to be an jerk. Jared Padalecki has done so much to help so many people, but did you include that? No. It’s great to know that there are still ignorant dicks in this world who don’t even research the people they decide to write articles about.

  • Lorihendy77

    Wow. Jealous of a better person? Let me guess, your other half has a crush on Jared? Who can blame them, he’s an awesome guy who makes countlrss people smile every single day, just for being him. Oh, and I dare you to say this crap in front of Jensen. Go on.

  • Corina

    This is just crazy! Do you even know what Jared has been through? He’s suffered depression! And he’s overcoming it and he’s showing overs that they can to fight depression. So don’t you freakin dare call him the devil!

  • Sandy Botwin

    Chill out guys. The guy is boring and he can’t write and what he does write is boring

  • Jenni Winchester

    Someone sounds a little butthurt. What did Jared possibly ever do to you? Do your research sweetheart, Jared Padalecki has done more for people than you ever will. Good for the kid and I hope he succeeds but as for you, shame on you for bashing Jared just to get more likes. That’s not the attitude that child would want you to have I bet. and us ‘Supernatural fangirls & fanboys’ will stop when we are dead 🙂 Sorry about your luck

  • Dawn

    Sounds like you’re being very judgmental on 1 30 second clip on the Internet that was written & sponsored by a Chevy marketing team.
    Why don’t you really take a look at Jared Padalecki when (if) you’re not feeling so nasty. Actually read about the Always Keep Fighting campaign and how many lives he’s helped to save.
    And to mention that you’re mad at the guy because he wears a beanie and a scarf makes you sound petty and jealous by the way.

  • Amy

    And what exactly did YOU do for someone? Why can’t we praise someone for doing something without slamming someone else? Seems to me that your attitude in writing this article is a step in the opposite direction. Why can’t we all be nice to one another, praise what we do that’s positive, and get along?

    As a side note, stooping as low as to criticize his wardrobe choice? Not much for journalism. As subversive with depression and anxiety, I often wear layers and am made fun of for being dressed more than the weather permits… It is a source of comfort and personal preservation. Or maybe he just likes the way it looks. Either way, it is not your place to judge.

  • Jill

    i could list the ways that this article angers me. I will not stoop to that. I do however wonder why not make this article about the child? Why do you bring Jared into it? Jared in his daily life fights a battle we all do not see. He has opened up to his fans and people around him to spread awareness. He has done so much good with his Always Keep Fighting Campaign and just listening and caring about his fans. He is an amazing guy and I think you owe him an apology. Also h bought that guitar for his friend to pursue his dreams.

  • Steve

    I think you were right to begin with… It was a joke. Apparently it was lost on a lot of crazy people…

  • Kara

    Are you high?

  • anca miha

    You could’ve written this article about the kid without shaming Jared. But I guess you get more attention when you mention a celebrity’s name. But I think you forgot to mention his Always Keep Fighting campain, a campain that helped so many people all around the world. I feel sorry that Ewan’s story because instead of showing what that kid did you started to throw stones at another person. You are just an attention seeker and I am sick of people like you.