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What are the Most Fuel-Efficient Ford Models?

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Most Fuel-Efficient Ford Models

Is the Ford Fiesta among the most fuel-efficient Ford models?

With fuel economy options aplenty, Ford’s model lineup provides drivers a bevy of choices in determining just how they’d prefer to save at the pump.  The most fuel-efficient Ford models utilize four unique powertrain options—EcoBoost, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and All-Electric—each ensuring better miles to the gallon and a more eco-friendly disposition.

EcoBoost offers a combination of efficiency and power thanks to turbocharging and direct injection.  This allows both the ultra-stylish 2014 Focus ST and technologically-savvy 2014 Escape to achieve 23 MPG city/32 highway without compromising grace and performance, the intelligent and inspirational 2014 Fusion to reach 22 city/34 highway, and explains why the F-150 has become the best-selling vehicle in America, thanks to its unique combination of power, fuel economy, and torque.

Ford hybrid vehicles, which are able to utilize both a gas engine and an electric motor both separately and simultaneously, include the 2013 C-Max Hybrid SEL and the new-for-2014 Fusion Hybrid.  The completely modern C-Max Hybrid, featuring the next-gen SmartGauge® with EcoGuide, ups the ante with 45 city/40 highway (with Ford stating that the 2014 model will only improve considerably its already impressive formula).  The Fusion Hybrid Titanium takes that ante even further with 47 city/47 highway capability.

The C-Max and Fusion Models are also offered as plug-in hybrids, which allows for a maximization of battery capability and creates the option of all-electric trips in the city and hybrid performance on longer drives.  This combination of technologies allows both the 2013 C-Max Energi and the new 2014 Fusion Energi Titanium to reach an astounding 108 MPG city/92 highway.

And for those looking to punt the pump all together, Ford offers the all-electric, all-world 2014 Focus Electric.  How many miles per gallon for the Focus Electric?  Well, none, technically, but it does get MPGe, and boy does it ever.  Fully charged, the 2014 Focus Electric is good for 110 MPGe city and 99 highway.  Clearly, when it comes to upping that aforementioned ante, Ford is all in on cleaner energy vehicles that help the environment and consumers.

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