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What if the Corvette Zora is Actually a Cadillac?

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Corvette Zora maybe

Shots fired

So here’s something to roll around in your skull for a second: what if that prototype and that render for what we all so readily assume to be the mid-engine Corvette Zora…was actually a Cadillac all along?


A little while back, Tadge Juechter, Chief Engineer for the Chevy Corvette, sat down with Automobile editor Todd Lassa and John McElroy on “Autoline After Hours.”

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When asked about Zora, Tadge matter-of-factly says “I know no such car.” A few days later, Lassa wrote a column over at Automobile wherein he extrapolates that he believes that there was some truth in what Jeucheter said, stating that he thinks the mule and the render revelaed in a segment on Americarna may in fact indicate a mid-engine Cadillac.

Why? Well, in a nutshell, Lassa says that it fits in with Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen’s statement that the brand needs sports cars, that a new Corvette would diminish sales of models like the C7 and Z06, that the Corvette namebadge is not a natural competitor for the Ford GT, and that Cadillac simply has the money to do it

It’s a pretty interesting piece, and it’s definitely worth a look, but it’s hard to believe that the idea holds water for any number of reasons. One of the foremost: Cadillac says that it’s four years away from bringing out a compact crossover—a vehicle that it actually needs—so what reason do we have to believe that it’s just going to give us a six-figure sports car out of nowhere?

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