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White Sox Pitcher Chris Sale Injured Foot Getting off a Truck

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White Sox pitcher Chris Sale

Chris Sale discusses his injury at a press conference

Should Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale ever be lucky enough to be crowned World Series MVP, he may want to turn down the complimentary Colorado pickup—for safety reasons. On Friday, Sale apparently fractured his foot by stepping off of his truck, and will be sidelined for at least three weeks as a result.

White Sox general manager Rick Hahn told that the injury occurred when Sale was “unloading some stuff off the back of his truck and landing awkwardly when he got off the back of the truck.”

Sale himself referred to the incident as “just a freak incident. I’ve just done it a million times and this time it didn’t work out so well.”

“It’s essentially a sprained ankle. I’ll be fine. They aren’t going to have to cut it off. It’s still here,” he added. “I’ll be walking on it in a few days. Just doing therapy.”

For some reason, Major League Baseball players are remarkably susceptible to bizarre injuries. Although occupational hazards for ballplayers including having a hard, spherical object thrown/hit towards them at speeds that exceed 100 mph, many practitioners of the sport seem to be as injury-prone off the field as on.

From Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine breaking a rib while vomiting, to fellow HOFer George Brett breaking his toe as he ran from his kitchen to his living room, some of the game’s greatest heroes have hurt themselves in really dumb ways. Now, Chris Sale and his truck can be added to that dubious list.