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Who Are the Dogs in the Subaru Dog Commercials?

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Who Are the Dogs in the Subaru Dog Commercials?

Who are the dogs in the Subaru dog commercials?

Hands down, the most adorable commercials currently airing are the ones featuring a family of dogs driving Subarus. The commercials, which can be viewed here or at the bottom of this post, first started airing in January of last year, but they saw such great success that Subaru has continued to air them to this day.

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But who exactly are the dogs in the Subaru ads? In the actual cinematic endeavors themselves, the pooches (all Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers) go by the family name of Barkley. But in reality, all of the dogs are famous animal actors who probably make more money than you do. Yeah, think about that for a minute.

Who Are the Dogs in the Subaru Dog Commercials? Auggie



Having been five at the time of filming, Auggie is the patriarch of the family and is seen driving in most of the ads. He is a pure-bred Golden Retriever, as are both of the children (which means Auggie likely had them in a previous marriage and remarried his current wife, who is the only Labrador Retriever). Auggie has been starring in movies and TV shows for a while, but you might also recognize him from some other TV spots.

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When not acting, Auggie lives on a farm with ten siblings, though not all from the same mother—again, his family life is questionable. According to Subaru, Auggie is a big fan of stuffed animals, but, you know, not the kind that were once alive.


Who Are the Dogs in the Subaru Dog Commercials? Stevie



Stevie, who was four at the time of filming, plays Auggie’s wife and is the only pure-bred Labrador Retriever in the cast. Stevie embodies the real American dream. From rags to riches, Stevie was rescued via an animal shelter (remember, adopt, don’t shop!) and went through six months of training before making her debut appearance in the Subaru dog commercials.

Get ready to say “aw.” Stevie now lives on that same farm with Auggie, where we like to think the two are happily in love. Stevie is a big fan of sleeping and tennis balls. Aren’t we all?


Who Are the Dogs in the Subaru Dog Commercials? Sadie



Sadie, another pure-bred Golden Retriever, was a mere six months old when she starred as the older sibling. Sadie is likely a child star who will grow up to lead a normal life, as she was adopted by a lovely family.

The family was very excited to let Sadie star in Subaru’s dog commercials, as it was a good chance for her to learn some socialization skills. And if you know any dogs who are currently looking, Sadie loves to give out puppy kisses, but she’s no hussy.


Who Are the Dogs in the Subaru Dog Commercials? Sebastian



Sebastian was just 12 weeks old when he played the pup in the car seat. According to Subaru, Sebastian had no problem riding around in the car seat during shooting.

Sebastian comes from the same breeder as Sadie in Moorpark, California. As a pup, he is very energetic and eager to learn.


Check out all four super stars in the commercials below:


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  • CMK

    The dumbest auto commercial. Subaru is not a first choice vehicle, they should forget dogs and exemplify features of the vehicles to attract buyers, not show dogs driving cars. Ridiculous commercial…..