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Who Is the Red-Haired Woman Riding the Train in Subaru’s “Boxcar” Commercial?

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Red hair actress Megan Easton in Subaru Outback commercial boxcar train

Subaru’s latest commercial is making rounds on television and online. Chances are you’ve seen this ad in recent days which promotes the 2017 Subaru Outback. The commercial, titled “Boxcar,” stars a woman who’s daydreaming about travelling on a train across the country–despite actually riding in a Subaru with her husband.

The charming main actress in the commercial has captured the attention of many viewers. And if you’re wondering who this red-haired actress riding the train is, her name is Megan Easton.

Up-and-coming actress Megan Easton, who stars in Subaru’s “Boxcar” commercial, has worked for a number of years in Hollywood, making appearances in short films, TV shows, TV movies, and short films.

Megan Easton in Nike Women's commercial

Megan Easton in Nike Women’s commercial

You may have also seen her in a Nike Women’s commercial from last year called “Spin Class,” in which she plays someone attending a spin class in a gym who has to sit behind a row of flawless-looking models.

Easton’s first official acting role was in a sci-fi action short from 2012. Since then, she has appeared in a number of comedic and dramatic short films, as well as roles in the TV films Petals on the Wind, Heaven Is Now, Manson’s Lost Girls, and Sorority Nightmare. She’s also made one-time appearances on the TV shows Vegas and CSI.

Megan’s charm and beauty perfectly fit the appeal of Subaru, and hopefully we’ll see her in many more Subaru commercials, movies, and TV shows in the future.

If you haven’t seen her performance in the Subaru commercial yet, take a look:


Source: IMDb

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  • Noocyte

    Huh. Thought sure she was played by Lauren Ambrose!

    • Julie Westerholm

      Me too

      • shuttlecocker

        Well yes Megan Easton and Lauren Ambrose do somewhat resemble each other. Easton has a more upturned nose in the profile picture and Ambrose a straighter longer, aquiline nose.
        Don’t you agree? Other differences are more subtle but this is more pronounced, in my opinion.

  • Rob

    Looking for her INSTAGRAM or Twitter i want to ask her if she wants to marry me

    • Kristeena Bozeman

      You’re an idiot

    • chris lock

      do you have a thing for horse tooth women?

  • Joe Blow

    Sweet woman.

  • ang98

    my sister swears that in the commercial the girl on the train and in the car Arnt the same person and it’s pissing me off because she thinks she’s right…

    • shuttlecocker

      She may be doing that just to piss you off. It’s obvious both those women look alike. Yet they may not be the same person but identical twins. Although the message here is the woman is imagining herself riding in the boxcar, right? Or maybe the other way around as well.

      • chris lock

        Good eye!! Actually, they are triplets and all were used in filming this commercial. Megan is the girl in the car in the first scene. Her sister Trisha is in the box car and the final scene is Marsha. Megan and Marsha are identical and Trisha is fraternal.

        They used all three to keep production costs down and the entire commercial was filmed in one day.

        • shuttlecocker

          Cool, thx! I’m locked in chris lock, haha! Cheers!

  • Davej Djthedj

    Dear Hollywood: Please hire this actor!! She is awesome…

  • Jim

    Cute nose.

  • rjnikon

    Megan Easton has the cutest nose on the planet. She is adorable.

  • M Key

    Whose the red haired woman in the most ignorant commercial ever? Yeah, lets all hope for hopping on freight trains instead of cruising in our cushy Subaru! Hope the train car has a Starbucks or these hipsters are out! What a stupid commercial! Yeah kids, hop on freight train. It’s awesome. No food, no bathroom but better than ridung in Subaru!