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Whoa, What’s Up with this Cadillac Guitar Car?

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Cadillac Guitar Car

The Cadillac guitar car, chilling out somewhere in France

Earlier this week, Jalopnik pointed us to Google Street View for a fun little adventure that landed us on an incredibly weird Cadillac guitar car (though, to be fair, as Jalopnik points out, Street View Fun discovered it a couple years back).

The now dubbed (by us, at least) Cadillac guitar car is clearly from the 1970s and either pink or a red so faded that it looks pink. And, of course, it takes the shape of a guitar—a guitar with jet tail fins decorated in some lovely French graffiti.

Cadillac Guitar Car

Graffiti on the fin

The Google Street View analysis puts it somewhere in France, between Cagnes-sur-Mer and Antibes, back in 2008, but who knows if it’s still there? Sounds like some lucky News Wheel staff writer may have to go investigate… For a more exact pinpoint, it was festering in a junkyard called “Texas Truck,” so if we have any French readers that want to go check it out for us, please do so by all means.

If you can’t make the trek to France, or in case it is long gone, just check out some of the photos we screenshot from our Google adventures.

Cadillac Guitar Car Photos