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Who’s That Hunk in the New 2017 Buick Envision Commercial?

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Buick has released yet another new commercial for its Envision crossover SUV

Finally, we know the identity of the actor who starred in Buick’s new commercial for the 2017 Envision SUV

Buick quietly released a new commercial last month titled “Bringing Home More than You Expected.” The commercial has attracted lots of attention recently on YouTube, particularly from visitors who are keen to know the identity of the young actor who plays the role of grandson.

Well, the answer to that question was hard to come across, but The News Wheel was eventually able to figure out the actor’s identity. We already knew that Michael Mazzeo is the actor playing grandma’s Italian boyfriend, so we left a message on Mazzeo’s Facebook asking about the identity of his co-star. Mazzeo quickly replied that the man’s first name was Brian, but he wasn’t sure about his last name.

That led us to contacting the helpful people at Buick Communications who revealed that the handsome young actor is none other than Brian Borello. The 5-foot 10-inch Borello is also known for his roles in Dark Desire (2012), Girlfriends (2017), and The Other Side (2014).

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In addition, Borello has nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram, which is where he shared the picture below previewing his role in the Buick ad.

Shot a fun spot yesterday with these lovely people. #nda got my lips zipped but it’ll be out soon!

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As for his performance in Buick’s newest Envision commercial? Well, he definitely carried the swagger of a clean-cut guy who might drive a Buick–and that look he gave the camera when his fictional Grandma said she met somebody was absolutely priceless. He also effectively demonstrated how to use the Envision’s hands-free power liftgate, providing access to more than 26 cubic feet of storage space, which was more than enough for Grandma’s luggage.

Buick will also reportedly be airing an expensive new commercial during Super Bowl LI. GM Authority has reported that football player Cam Newton and model Miranda Kerr will be starring in that ad, but if you want another look at Borello, then check out the embedded YouTube video below.

Video: Buick Commercial ‘Bringing Home More than You Expected’

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Fight’n #crime n a city near you #beach #malibu #secretbeach @ericblack01

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This ain’t a game we real serious 😎

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Standing at the top of #diamondhead in #hawaii with my braddah @vicamick 📸 @cat_amick5

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“Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.” -James Allen

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News Source: GM Authority

  • MarkM

    I am curious as to the brand of luggage used in the commercial as well; I like the style.

    • Becca Brooks

      Have you found out what kind it is?

      • Ron

        looks like Bric’s Milano Bellagio

  • disqus_0H6wJhbptR

    I just love the commerical. The way the grandson looks at his grandmother while her boyfriend hugs him! I just love it! It makes me chuckle to myself.

  • Laura Floody

    I’m trying to figure out what brand the luggage is on the commercial also. I’ve seen it on other commercials and I really like it. It must be a famous brand because the commercials always make a habit of really showing it.

  • Tre Hammer

    who’s the grandmother?

  • Chris Tilley

    Does anyone know the name of the female actor? My girlfriend swears it’s Diane Keaton and I disagree. We have a wager.

    • Michele Profeta

      So does my husband. He insists and I disagree

    • Cherie Ramos

      Not Diane Keaton!

  • 77mki121

    I would like to see the “next” installment” in this saga! Lol

    • Michael Segur

      She is way too young looking to pass as grandma…ridiculous…should have been mother or older actress…def not diane keaton

      • Pat Frisk

        Wow, how much older should grandmas look? That grandma actress didn’t look young, to me. I’m the same age as Diane Keaton (71), and I have a grandson in his 30s. Anyway, I doubt that that was Diane Keaton, although that actress doesn’t look any younger than I do.

  • Richard Riker

    I just wanted to check and see who this was. I thought it could be John Stamos’s son by the way he looked. I was very surprised to find out it wasn’t any relation to him. Looks like he could have a great career ahead of him.