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Why You Won’t Be Able to Buy This Formula 1-Based Mercedes-AMG Supercar

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Mercedes AMG Project One hypercar Formula 1 hybrid vehicle tease

You’ll probably never step foot in the same room as this Mercedes hypercar

Most vehicles are affordably-priced, practical transportation machines made for the average consumer that sometimes sport extra style or power. And then there’s that occasional one-in-a-hundred hypercar that’s designed purely to show what engineers are capable of and cause a stir.

The latest vehicle to be entering this hall of fame will be the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG hypercar code-named Project ONE.

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Mercedes AMG Project One hypercar Formula 1 hybrid vehicle tease

Does this image from a recent Mercedes press release reveal the Project ONE’s design? That’s what everyone is guessing…

There’s a lot to love about Project ONE. Its biggest selling point is its Formula 1 engine that’s capable of 1,000 horsepower. It utilizes Kinetic Energy Recovery System and electric motors, enhancing a turbocharged V6 Formula 1 World Champion drivetrain. Additionally, the yet-unnamed Mercedes supercar will have selective all-wheel drive and a lightweight carbon-fiber body.

If you’re pulling out your wallet and wondering where to sign up, you best put it back in your pants.

  • It’s nearly impossible that you’ll be able to get one of these
  • The hypercar will cost over $2 million
  • Only 200-300 units are being made over the next couple years
  • A large majority of buyers have already contacted dealerships to sign up, even before the car has been unveiled

Keep your eyes glued to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September to see the debut of the super-vehicle–we at The News Wheel will be singing…

Fiddler on the roof if I were a rich man song musical gif

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