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Will the Next-Gen 370Z Be Known as The Nissan Z?

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Nissan Z

Will the next-gen 370Z be known simply as the Nissan Z?

The current generation of the Nissan 370Z is working on its last legs, and it has been for some time. Nissan is looking to not only make the next-gen 370Z more palatable to consumers, but also lighter and more efficient. This could very well mean that Nissan will throw in a turbo-four to keep its performance sprightly and nimble

As such, this brings up an interesting conundrum: what do you call the 370Z if it doesn’t wind up rocking a 3.7-liter V6? According to Roel de Vries, Nissan’s corporate vice president and global head of marketing and brand strategy, they might just make it the Z.

“In my opinion the displacement as part of the product name is a bit behind us,” de Vries told Car Advice. “Everybody has left [displacement nomenclature], because it’s not about displacement of the engine, it’s about what the engine could do.”

This won’t lead to much deviation, however: “We [will] definitely keep the Z name…but who says the next-generation doesn’t have three engines and it’s not just called Z?”

There’s something simple and ferocious about the name Nissan Z. We like it.

Another thing we like a lot: Patrick George’s suggestion that Nissan drop the CLA45 AMG’s 2.0-liter turbo-four into the Z, giving it a pretty zany 355 horsepower right off the bat.