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William Shatner Stars in New Volkswagen Ad

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William Shatner

William Shatner acting his heart out in new Volkswagen ad

Octogenarian Canadian actor and “singer” William Shatner is the star of a new German Volkswagen commercial, which features the Shat doing what he does best: playing a slightly fictionalized version of himself. The video plays off of Shatner’s association with his most iconic character, veteran police sergeant T.J. Hooker. No, we’re kidding, it’s about Star Trek. Take a look:

It’s a pretty cute ad for Volkswagen’s electric mobility (or e-mobility) lineup of automobiles, which the company is promoting with the tagline “the future is for everyone” and the hashtag “#vwfuture.”

The commercial features a young boy who is obsessed with the show Star Trek, and therefore is ecstatic when William Shatner (AKA, Captain Kirk) moves in next door. When he runs over to Shatner’s house, the actor is waiting for him in his VW e-Golf.

“Exactly like in a starship,” says Shatner (or, more accurately, says whatever voice actor dubbed his line in German), as he shows off the e-Golf’s touchscreen display, which illustrates the vehicle’s all-electric powertrain. As Shatner and the young fan pull out of the driveway, Leonard Nimoy drives past them in the futuristic XL1, and then stops to deliver (in what sounds like Nimoy’s actual voice) one of Mr. Spock’s catchphrases: “Fascinating.”

Along with the ad, Volkswagen has released a whole mess of behind-the-scenes videos, including this pretty adorable clip in which the young child actor shows of his Star Trek-themed bedroom set to William Shatner.

“I mean, imagine sleeping under the Enterprise,” Shatner muses as he checks out the spaceship model hanging over the boy’s bed, pretending that he doesn’t do that every night at home.

You might also enjoy “Selfie Shatner 1,” in which the Shat shills for the e-Golf by promising “You’ll have a great time with it; I love it,” with all the sincerity and believability one would expect from a performer of Shatner’s caliber.

There is also a Leonard Nimoy selfie, in which he just says “Fascinating,” and raises his eyebrows.

And finally, here’s a making-of feature, which should be enough Shatner for one day.