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Wind Wall Traps Carbon, Reduces Environmental Effect of Emissions

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Wind Wall

Carbon Engineering’s wind wall uses a specific chemical solution to trap carbon dioxide as air moves through it
Photo: YouTube

As carmakers are becoming more aware of the impact automobiles can have on the environment, they are quickly working to create vehicles that offer superior fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. But what if there was a more effective way of cleaning the air of impurities?

Scientists recently noted in National Geographic that 2015 may be the hottest year in record, due in a large part to global warming. Because many experts believe that carbon emissions and global warming are linked, researchers have concentrated on creating a way to clean the air, reducing carbon emissions and helping the environment. Now, a company called Carbon Engineering looks like they have devised the perfect solution.

Watch how Carbon Engineering extracts carbon:

The engineering firm has created walls that can trap the specific carbon molecules, removing them from the air and reducing their impact on the Earth’s climate. This filtering method has a specific chemical solution within its interior, trapping carbon dioxide as it passes through—but allowing other gases to continue to flow.

Carbon Engineering has designed this wall to give the circulating air the longest path possible, trapping as much carbon as it can. According to a Canadian study, 25% of cars create 90% of air pollution. With this technology, the amount of pollution could see a significant decrease, preventing global warming from getting any worse.

News Source: Popular Mechanics