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Woman Assaults 83-Year-Old, Poops in Police Car

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Sometimes, people cross from acting a little crazy to acting just way too crazy. Altoona resident Amy Jo Burket, 43, crossed this threshold on June 7th.

Earlier in the day, she had been released from prison on bail – she had been arrested for hitting an 83-year-old man (in the head and face, knocking him over), and hitting a 27-year-old woman (in the face), all while under the influence of drugs.


So, obviously she was already doing well in the crazy department.

When police released her on bail, she was told to have no contact with the victim. However, there was no way Burket was going to pass up the opportunity to act absolutely bonkers, so she went right back to her victim’s home.

When police arrived, she was hiding under a tree in the yard – you know, like a groundhog or a rabbit.


Dude, leave me out of this.
Photo: James Cullen

Presumably shaking their heads, officers took her into custody again for violation of her bail.

Soon after, officers received a much more immediate reason to shake their heads: Burket dropped trou in the back seat and proceeded to perform the act that would tick right over the line to too crazy – she intentionally pooped in the back of the police car (much like this pig).

Burket was returned to Blair County Prison, after which officers had one of the most intense games of “Not it” ever played over who would clean the back seat.