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Woman Attempts to Steal Three Vehicles from One Dealership

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Woman Attempts to steal Three Vehicles From One Lexus Dealer

Woman attempts to steal three vehicles from one Lexus dealer
Photo: KSAT San Antonio

Lexus is a great luxury brand, and one San Antonio woman wanted to drive one so bad that she attempted to steal three different vehicles in one day from the same dealership. Although the models targeted have not been named, KSAT said one of the vehicles was worth over $53,000.

According to the dealership, Debra Long originally stole a vehicle that was discovered missing by dealership employees the morning of June 24th. It is unknown when Long took the car, because the staff did not miss the new delivery right away. Once she was seen behind the wheel of the luxury vehicle, she bolted from the car and made her escape.

Lexus GS F Front Side

We wouldn’t mind taking the 2016 Lexus GS F for a [completely legal] spin!

Instead of making a clean getaway, Long continued to haunt the lot of North Park Lexus, lingering around vehicles parked at the service center. She slid behind the wheel of one, but left quickly when an employee approached her. For her third and final attempt, she went to the dealership’s vehicle storage facility. Long grabbed some keys and was behind the wheel of a new Lexus getting ready to drive away before she was spooked by another vigilant dealership employee blocking her way. When she was leaving the lot, she also tried to use her collection of keys to get away in a separate vehicle.

After her third unsuccessful shot at driving home in a free Lexus, Debra Long ran to a nearby apartment complex where she was apprehended by police and charged with theft. Instead of a luxury car, it looks like her new ride was a black and white police cruiser.

2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (5)

Possibly Debra Long’s New Ride

News Source: KSAT San Antonio