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Woman Receives Creepy Surprise After Shipping Car from Alaska to Seattle

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This news story is like a three-eyed human sculpture peering out of a sewer grate – bizarre, surprising, and above all, really really creepy (also, possibly, not real).

Alaska native Sam Owens received a surprise after shipping her car to Seattle to meet her halfway on her trip to Nevada: a hand-written note, presumably from one of the people who shipped the car.

Owens allegedly discovered the note after driving for a while—after she reached Portland, she realized that her lips were dry, so she opened her make-up bag (which had been in the car when it was shipped). Aside from some of her lipstick being missing, Owens found a note that read, “I took your condoms…used them with a lady co-worker (smiley face)[…] would love to tell u (sic) about it.” The author finished the note with his email.

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Of course, the note points out a bigger problem than some stolen condoms and pilfered lipstick, which Sam Owens noted in a post about the incident on Facebook (image is a screenshot).

According to the Facebook post and replies she has given to that status, Owens is following this incident up with both Alaska Car Transport and police, although they are not sure whether or not the email is genuine.

At time of writing, the post had been shared 305 times, and the company doesn’t seem to have responded.

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