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Woman Sees Spider, Jumps From Moving Car

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2016 Chevy Sonic Spider

Spider: Philip N. Cohen

Spiders always seem to have a way of surprising us when we least expect it. Even if you’re not particularly afraid of them, having one scurry or drop into your field of vision can give a shock.

Angela Kipp of Syracuse, Indiana was pulling out of her driveway with her nine-year-old son in the car when she noticed a spider sitting on her shoulder.

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What would you do? Some might have just flicked the spider away, or others might have stopped the car and smacked a “For Sale” sign on it because there is no sane way to drive a spider-infested car.

Well, Kipp decided that the spider was too frightening to handle, freaked out, and sprang from her still-moving vehicle. As if this story wasn’t bad enough, it gets even worse. Her son climbed into the front seat to try and stop the car.

Since he is only nine years old, he can’t be blamed for being confused by the layout of a car’s pedals. Instead of slamming the brakes, he hit the gas instead. Not only did the car keep moving down the driveway, it collided with a (thankfully empty) school bus.

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The poor boy was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Police are still investigating the crash, so it is unknown if any charges will be filed. No word on the status of the spider, but after all the trouble it caused, we hope it knows better than to mess with people again.

Source: KFOR