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Woman Takes Limbo to New Lows Under an SUV

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Hold on, we need to get in the mood for this one:

Ah, there we go.

Shemika Charles is the world record holder for the limbo – she can get under a bar the height of a beer bottle.

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So, after making that world first, she decided that she would add another first to her list, and become to first person to ever limbo under an SUV:

If you’re looking at that (and not watching the video) and saying geez, doesn’t that hurt her back, the answer is not so much—so long as she trains for six hours every day.

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Shemika is not the only Charles to limbo—her mother Sherrie also limboed extensively for 16 years until her back gave out, and her trainer is her uncle, who is one of the very few people on Earth to be able to put “limbo trainer” on his business card and not mean it as a pickup line.

Shemika has said she also wants to break the record for longest distance travelled in the limbo pose. We sincerely hope that she’ll line up a bunch of cars and limbo under them like the reverse version of Evil Knieval.