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Wonder Woman’s Rumored Ride

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Photo: Christian Frank

It’s been four months since “Wonder Woman” was released and acclaim for the movie and the heroine lives on. Directed by Patty Jenkins, this film experienced the best opening ever for a female-directed title. It also gleaned the best global haul for a live-action female-directed film. The fact that it was the top-grossing film of the summer testifies that Wonder Woman has a large fan base.

Set against the backdrop of World War I, the movie depicts the back story of Diana Prince (played brilliantly by Gal Gadot)—how she came into her own and started doing her part to help save the world from the evils of human nature (World War I, in this case). The movie is full of kick-ass fight scenes in which Wonder Woman assails enemy soldiers armed with her ferocious feminine strength as well as her supernatural shield, wrist guards, and lasso. The plot keeps viewers on the edge of their seat, as both Diana and the story’s love interest, Steve Pine, actively hunt for the villain behind the latest scheme of the Central Powers.

As riveting as the film was, there was a serious lack of cool car scenes. Though there is that nifty moment-of-glory when she hurls an armored vehicle at her foes.

Granted, the setting is Europe circa 1914-1918. The automobile was in its early stages of evolution. With boxy frames and simplistic wheels, some looked more like a fuel-driven buggy than modern car prototype. Not the swift, potent ride that Wonder Woman deserves. So, it’s not surprising that we don’t get a glimpse of the mighty Amazonian chugging around in one of these clunkers.

Studebaker Speedster 1916

1916 Studebaker Speedster
Photo: Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden

Coming in 2019: Early Glimpse of the Chevy Silverado

With a sequel planned for a December 13th, 2019, release, fans are left dangling—and pondering if Diana will get her own car. After all, she’s due for an upgrade from the invisible jet she has been seen occasionally piloting.

In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” she makes a brief appearance slipping into the driver’s seat of what looks like a Lotus Evora.

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But there are rumors that “Wonder Woman 2” will be set in World War II, as would be chronologically logical considering the first movie’s time period. So, maybe this 1939 Pontiac Ghost Car would be more period-correct.

1939 Pontiac Ghost Car

1939 Pontiac Ghost Car

Personally, I go with the hint of the Lotus Evora clip. If she does have wheels, it’ll be an Evora or some other aerodynamic, wind-slicing ride like this semi-invisible Tesla Roadster concept.

Tesla Roadster invisible concept car

Tesla Roadster invisible car concept
Photo: Steve Jurvetson

Wonder Woman could get her car as early as November 17 of this year, when “Justice League” (the “Batman v Superman” sequel) releases. Fingers crossed (or wrists crossed?) that Diana Prince gets a dynamic, unwavering ride to suit her staunch character.


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