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Wondering What to Pack for College? Less Than You Think

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So, after years of studying and working toward the goal of college, you did it. You’re in! And, now you face the daunting task of packing up approximately 18+ years of memories and belongings and stuffing them into a car that will undoubtedly transport you to a new world and chapter in your life.

Easy, right? Sure…

Although it might not be an “easy” task, it is not a task that should induce panic or thoughts of chucking your college student dreams because you are just too overwhelmed to go through your clutter or predict what you need for the academically strenuous days ahead that might be taking place in an unfamiliar city, state, or climate.

Because sometimes knowing what not to pack first is more helpful than figuring out what to bring.

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According to, your complete wardrobe need not make that maiden voyage to college; pack for seasons instead, and when you head home for a break, switch out your clothes for items you’ll need going forward.

Since your phone and laptop are perfectly fine for your TV-viewing needs, leave the bulky set at home, according to the experts at

Although your dorm room is kind of like your first very mini apartment, don’t sacrifice valuable vehicle cargo space for coffeemakers, hot plates, or toasters; plus, the experts at are sure these items will get you into trouble in your new pad.

Ironing board? Does anyone even iron anymore? The experts are sure that in the event that you need to press a shirt, someone in your dorm will have one you can borrow if you ask nicely.

To make your new home feel like home home, be sure to pack personal trinkets like photos and books, but warns against bringing too much since room space will be precious. Plus, you want to save space for the new memories you’ll be making.

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Even though you want to be prepared for your first day of class, the experts say it’s okay to wait until you get to school to stock up on school supplies; same goes for cleaning supplies, according to

Other outdated electronics like an alarm clock (use your phone) and an external hard drive (use an app or site like Dropbox or Mozy) can stay behind; oversized luggage might be ideal to transport clothes, finding room to store the luggage after it’s empty—well, that’s impossible–warns the experts at

Also, be sure to review what your college allows and doesn’t allow before you waste time and energy carting it all the way to school, advises the experts at who also recommend keeping cash and valuables in your room to a minimum.

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