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World’s Smallest Car Looks Like a Motor-Powered Tonka Truck

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World’s Smallest Car

Ever wonder what the world’s smallest car looks like? It’s got four wheels like a car. It’s got a steering wheel like a car. It’s even got a horn like a car. And it looks like a Tonka truck powered by a tiny motor.

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Xu Zhiyun, 60, invented the car to tackle the busy streets of Shanghai, which are said to be the worst for traffic in all of China. Tired of having to sit in traffic, Zhiyun developed the microcar to commute a little more easily.

Reportedly, the miniature car is just 23 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 15 inches in height. Believe it or not, the thing does have its own engine, accelerator, brake, and a gear system. And the best part? Zhiyun’s creation has its own sound system with 500 songs stored for easy playback.

Obviously, it’s not the fastest, safest, or most comfortable way to get around anywhere, but you’ve got to admire Zhiyun’s craftiness. Check out the world’s smallest car in action below:

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News Source: Jalopnik