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[VIDEO] Meet The Worst GT-R Owner in the World

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worst GT-R owner in the world

TRIGGER WARNING: this guy is probably quite literally the worst GT-R owner in the world, so don’t try this at your home track

It’s an understandable impulse, once you’ve purchased a car that has a little bit more than a pittance of horsepower and something that even remotely approaches track capability, to want to take it out for a day at the local race course so that you can really open it up without fear of being impeded by Johnny or Gracie Law (little Big Trouble in Little China right there for y’all).

It’s also understandable—and more likely necessary—that you’d ask a more track-seasoned driver about the do’s and don’ts of taking your car for a spin so that you could more accurately guarantee that 1) you won’t wind up killing yourself 2) you won’t wind up killing somebody else.

Of course, that’s what a responsible driver would do. That’s probably not at all the style of the individual depicted in the following video, who we could probably safely call the worst GT-R owner in the world.

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This 10-minute video is worth the full watch if you want a primer course on absolutely everything you shouldn’t do on the track, but you get a pretty good representation of this terrible driver’s habits within the first minute: one hand on the wheel, handbraking into corners, overtaking in mid-corner, fiddling around with the infotainment stack, and microwaving a kebab.

worst GT-R owner in the world

Okay, so he doesn’t actually do that last one, but it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if he did.

Surprisingly, the video does not conclude with the driver barrel-rolling across a field because of his lackadaisical approach to driving. Unfortunately, it also does not end with the other drivers surrounding his car and chanting GOOBLE-GOBBLE, Freaks-style, tearing him out of the car, and throwing him into a lake where he is effectively exiled from ever driving on a track again.

It’s particularly unfortunate given that the video’s post-script notes that the worst GT-R owner in the world was involved in a crash with a MacLaren MP12 C4 soft top later that day. SPOILERS: it wasn’t the MacLaren’s fault.

worst GT-R owner in the world

Shocking, we know

From the video description on YouTube:

The Maclaran driver said that he had to turn in opposite lock to keep the car from spinning after the impact. The passenger of the Maclaran also commented that the GTR carried on out breaking cars and passing cars while in the corner with a large propane tank AFTER they had collided.

Oh, and for those of you wondering just what it means to be a knob: actually, no, we’re not going to explain that one. You all have perfectly functioning Googles.

worst GT-R owner in the world

We will tell you that knob points are not a thing you want to accumulate

News Source: Jalopnik