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Yaris vs. Tank: No Contest

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We often write about videos we see where two vehicles go head to head in a drag race, but this story is a first for The News Wheel. This story is about a Toyota Yaris which was unfortunate enough to come head-to-head with a big British tank. Three guesses as to which vehicle came out on top.

Toyota Yaris crushed by tank

Yaris vs. tank
Photo: German Polizei

The Yaris in question was being driven by an 18-year-old woman in the German town of Augustdorf. The woman pulled out in front of a tank—one of a convoy that was travelling along the road at that particular time. The tank driver attempted to stop, but since his vehicle weighed 62 metric tons, he was unable to do so. The tank crushed the Yaris’ front end, but amazingly, the driver emerged unscathed.

Toyota Yaris vs tank

Photo: German Polizei

The Yaris, on the other hand, is now looking at a hefty repair bill of €12,000 (about $13,300), which is likely more than the car is worth.

The lesson? Watch out for tanks on the road—especially if you’re driving a small hatchback or anything smaller than a heavy duty truck.

News Source: BBC Newsbeat